Saturday, February 8, 2020

Casino gambling in Kentucky Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Casino gambling in Kentucky - Term Paper Example In this context, the legislation matter has been the campaign proposal of Governor Steve Basher in his bid for election. Associated Press (2007) stated that the proposal of the Governor to legalize casinos in Kentucky is based on the assumption that it will bring growth to the economy in terms of revenues and taxes. The proposal has been submitted for a legislative process of approval and will also be presented to the Kentucky General Assembly for consent. The proposed bill if passed, allows 9 to 12 casinos in Kentucky, and is expected to bring estimated revenue of $600 million a year in tax revenue. In this critical issue, the Kentucky General Assembly composed of the people of Kentucky have been given the chance to have their voices heard in a direct poll whether they agree with this move or not. The recent events shown in the news carried by WBKO (2010) reported that the legalization of casinos in Kentucky did not pass the legislative session. There are possible reasons for the rejection of the proposal as there are studies that show disadvantages for having Casinos in Kentucky. The probe studies of Anderson and Nevada Council on Problem Gambling show that the proliferation of problem gamblers has negative impact on their lives. Andersen viewed it as a bad social policy because of the large social costs it entails; it makes it harder for problem gamblers to reform, and makes it contributory to social corruption. But Andersen and those concerned in his study are missing the points of the benefits of gambling, and making it appear that it is one of the deadliest sins in the world. For example, Andersen said that the government is â€Å"supposed to be the minister of God, Romans 13†, but its moral stance is compromised when it enters into legalized gambling. However, it could not be discounted that there are also benefits coming from the

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